BOOM!!! 12 days to go!

Seating plan!

We’re all ready to go, only a handful of things left to do now.  The main thing we need to do is get the food ready, but that won’t be for another week.


Getting to The Green Rooms?!

One thing we’ve realised while organising the wedding is that the location of The Green Rooms seems to be a bit of a mystery to most, despite the maps and everything we’ve sent peoples ways 🙂

Therefore in order to combat the confusion, we went down to Trefforest Estate station this afternoon and recorded our walk down to The Green Rooms in order to show people how easy it is. It’ll take you all no more than about 5 minutes.

Please excuse the jerky camera movement. We sped the footage up a little to fit the music.

Candles in teacups :)

There’s only 96 days to go, so I thought it was best I started experimenting with my decor ideas.

I really want cute candles and teacups and jars etc, so this evening I’ve been making teacup candles.

They turned out pretty well.  Some have cinnamon sticks in them.

Lara ❤

Decoration collection!!

We have been soooo busy the last two months or so, and because of this the wedding has sort of taken a back seat!  A few months ago, Nicky started a new job and over the next few weeks will be back and forth Bristol and London, and I have been really busy working on getting my art studio ready to work in.  Also it was my birthday, as well as my little sister’s (and chief bridesmaid) birthday so there has been a lot of travelling to visit families/having visitors most weekends.  But I have started to collect bits and bobs to use for decorations/candle holders/flower holders etc, as well as keeping the ends of large candles.  I will be melting down the wax and reusing it to make more candles.  Did I type the word ‘candles’ enough?  CANDLES!!!!

My Nan is letting me use some of her old teacups and saucers for decorations, and they are so adorable.  I think they are going to look so cute with candles or flowers in them.  I’m in love with the purple and gold teacups!!!!  The whole vintage teacup thing isn’t really Nicky’s thing, but they aren’t going to be the main decorations 🙂

A friendly reminder <3

Hi everyone, we are hoping to get all of the RSVP‘s back by the end of Saturday (that’s tomorrow!) so we have lots of time to think and prepare for the day guests’ food.  It’s going to be a big huge awesome buffet of meat-free deliciousness.  We also need to know how many of you day guys will be there so we know how much sweet, sweet booze to buy.

So …. if you have been invited to the day but haven’t sent us your RSVP … Please click here or get that bad boy in the post ASAP!!!

If you have been invited to the evening and haven’t sent your RSVP, please do as soon as you can (preferably by the end of tomorrow!), so we know numbers and can confirm with the venue. We hope you can all attend, we invited ya’ll cos we want to see you and celebrate and party with you 🙂

Just 154 days until the ‘I do’!! (that’s 5 months and 1 day!)


RSVP information

Hey guys!!  So if you have found your way here, that most probably means that you’ve had an invite.  All we ask is that y’all RSVP by 31st May – if we haven’t heard from you by then, we’ll just assume you don’t want to come.


Remember that if we haven’t heard from you by 31st May, we’ll assume you don’t want to party with us and are happy to miss a totally radical and gnarly night.

Please bare this in mind if you choose to RSVP by post!!!!!  Make it easy on yourself and RSVP online.